Slavic mythology

Slavic Native Faith – Ritual In Practice. (How to)

The Slavic ritual, with its inherent profundity, unfolds itself through a sequence of four distinct steps. Firstly, the devout individual undertakes the solemn task of consecrating a sanctified space. This hallowed act encompasses the utilization of fire, an element that symbolizes purification and transformation, and the recitation of fervent prayers directed towards the celestial entities known as  Rod, Dazhbog or Perun. Through this initial step, the stage is meticulously set, laying the foundation upon which …

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Slavic Native Faith Pantheon (Gods)

In the elucidation of historical accounts, a profusion of deities, encompassing a vast expanse of the Slavic domain, ranging from the Baltic shores to the Black Sea, emerges. Spanning a formidable duration of over six centuries, the Slavic tribes paid homage to an extensive array of divinities, each tribe fostering its unique assemblage of gods, thereby engendering its own distinctive pantheon. Predominantly, the ancient Slavic faith appears localised and imbued with cultist tendencies, wherein gods …

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