Rituals Part 3: Our Gifts To The Gods.

In the sacred realm of Slavic religion, the invocation of divine beings within a consecrated space is followed by a reciprocal exchange of gifts. This ancient practice, rooted in the depths of Indo-European spirituality, embodies the principle of “do ut des” or “I give, so that you may give,” where offerings are made by the worshiper to the gods with the expectation of receiving blessings in return. Ahmad ibn Fadlan’s account of the Rus idol …

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Temples Of Slavic Native Faith.

In the realm of Slavic Native Faith, the sacred places of worship held a profound significance in the hearts of the faithful. While the Russian chronicles depict the idols of this ancient faith erected amidst the vastness of nature, within the depths of forests and open-air Sanctuaries, it is the meticulous accounts of the German chronicles that grant us detailed insights into the enclosed temples of the Baltic Slavs. These sacred enclosures, akin to fortifications …

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